How to Add Google Calendar to Phone?

Instructions to Add Google Calendar to Your Phone

1. Download Google Calendar

First you need to download the Google Calendar app to your phone. Tap on the button of which device you have.

2. Login to Google

After the app has downloaded, you will need to open the app and either login or create a Google account. Follow the steps that Google gives you inside the app.

3. Add East Side Calendar

Once you create or login, you will tap on the button below. This will open up in a new tab showing the East Side's calendar. You will then tap the blue "+" button on the bottom right hand corner. It will then open up another tab. Once on that tab, tap the blue button, “Add”. That will then add the East Side Google calendar to your Google App.

4. Allow East Side Calendar in the App

One more step! Go over to the Google Calendar app. Tap on the 3 lines in the top left corner. Then you will check mark the box that says “East Side Baptist Church”. That’s it! You’re all set to stay in the loop at East Side!

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